Mensajeras de Esperanza

This is a monitoring program that provides comprehensive and personalized care to adolescent and young women in vulnerable situations by accompanying them in their life project, as well as their academic, spiritual and human education, and helping them to become leaders and agents of change.

Educational Areas


Educational Training

  • Junior and senior high school, and university education.
  • Personalized academic support.
  • Tutoring.
  • Extracurricular classes such as English, mathematics, writing, computing, etc.

Humanized Education

  • Vocational orientation.
  • Education in Values.
  • Individual and group psychological therapy.
  • Training workshops.
  • Personal growth, coaching, and family planning courses.

Spiritual education

  • Daily prayer: morning and afternoon.
  • Angelus Prayer.
  • Catechism: preparing for sacraments and Christian education.
  • Saying grace before meals.
  • Spiritual Retreats.
  • Spiritual Exercises.
  • Eucharistic Celebration.
  • Apostolate.