The construction of the NAEA home can be a reality thanks to donations like yours.

The history of our association is a story of union and growth, we started 16 years ago serving girls and boys in a small garage, moving through 4 more properties that were rented to us and we partially adapted to our needs, today we have our own house and we are in the process of building a building that, in addition to fully responding to our needs, will be the home for an indefinite period of time for more than 100 girls, boys, adolescents, and young people who will be cared for in this space.

Our Construction

The NAEA building is a space of 814.52 mts2, distributed in a basement, a first floor and 2 upper levels.

This area of the building contemplates, in addition to other spaces, the construction of the auditorium, a space that will allow us to offer choral and musical instrument classes. In the history of NAEA, music and joy have been a pillar in the resilience and self-esteem of our loved ones. children, adolescents and youth.

Low level
This area has one of the most used spaces in the house, the dining room, a place where the seasoning of a good mother is delivered, that mother who cares about the nutrition of her children and enhances their growth.

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Level 1

On this level you will find the heart of the house, the chapel, our care model is based on Don Bosco’s preventive system, which allows us to live spirituality at all times, teaching our beneficiaries to pray, live in values and be testimony of love

Level 2

At this level there will be many specialized care spaces such as the medical office and the pedagogy room, where different interventions are carried out that make it possible to restore the right to education and health of those we serve.

Our Donors

You can be part of this legacy, give a donation and support the construction of this building.

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