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Comando 99 201…
I enjoy learning!

Promote educational Scholarships from $99.00 pesos per month with socially responsible companies and the society in general.

“So that more children can read and promote peace and education”.

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NAEA Outlet

We receive new or near-new clothing, shoes, personal hygiene items, domestic equipment, furniture, decorative items, whitegoods, etc. in excellent conditions, or which do not meet quality controls. Please remember that other people will use these items.
(We only receive items that are in very good condition.
Please remember, these items will be used by real people.)

5 pesos won’t break the bank...
but they do make a difference

Collect funds through a group account that will be used to purchase didactic materials, equipment, internet to provide adequate learning spaces.

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Business Service Day

“Working with disadvantaged individuals, groups, and communities to achieve quality progress for the common good.”

Promote business volunteering to strengthen values and business’ commitment to support vulnerable groups through philanthropic activities at CASAS NAEA, A.C. and the Centro Formativo NAEA, A.C. through a range of activities for collaborators from the business sector.


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A Taste of Hope

“$ 10, $ 15, $ 20
In Mexico’s restaurant sector.”

The best part is feeling part of the help that little by little, and person by person, will mean that children have a guaranteed food supply that will help them to develop the different areas of a health, intellectual and active life.

A full stomach makes a happy heart!

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Perishable and
Non-Perishable Food

One action changes everything!

At Niños y Adolescentes en Armonía, A.C., we are looking for University Students who both study and work, or who just study. We want them to be promoters of solidarity who identify with our social cause and promote it. We can work together to bring about social transformation.
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