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At Niños y Adolescentes en Armonía, A.C., we are interested in promoting a sharing culture among young people, strengthening organized participation in society between Educational Institutions, Students, and our organization in the search for their overall development. We work with disadvantaged individuals, groups, and communities to seek improvements with professionalism, ethics, and quality. If you are interested in sharing your talent, knowledge, and goodwill with us, join our social cause:
  • Communication Sciences
  • International Business
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Pedagogy
  • Psychology (educational, clinical, community)
  • Social Work
  • Gastronomy
  • Nutrition
  • Education
  • Graphic Design
  • Physical Culture and Sport


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Who is a volunteer in our Organization?

Someone who freely decides to provide a service and give their time, talent, knowledge, and efforts to a social cause without receiving economic remuneration and who is spiritually motivated to do so.

Being a Volunteer is:

A commitment, a responsibility, and a true understanding of what this means. And above all, respect for the task we have been assigned, but most of all for those with whom we are going to work.

Who can become a Solidarity Promoter?

University students who cannot complete their community service in person because they both work and study.


To promote Niños y Adolescentes en Armonía, A.C.’s social cause among your social, school, work and family circles.


When a student must complete their community service for a University by fulfilling an established period of time.