Familias en Armonía

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This program aims to strengthen families in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone through educational and strategic actions that give them the tools to adequately perform their parental roles and actively participate in the community.

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Enrolment profile

  • With families in vulnerable situations.
  • Low income.
  • Parent or guardian in any of our programs.
  • Desire to excel.

Educational Areas

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Educational Training

Support for parents and guardians who wish to finish their primary school studies under the IEEA System (State Institute of Adult Education) (previously INEA).
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Humanized Education

Attend two weekly meetings, participate in values education workshops, personal and professional development workshops, cultural and civic activities, receive support to obtain safe employment opportunities, participate in community support activities.
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Spiritual education

  • Participate in the monthly holy hour.
  • Religious education.
  • Personalized sacraments education.