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Supports children and adolescents who are lagging behind in school so that they can finish their primary and high schooling, by accompanying them in a comprehensive educational process (psychological, educational, recreational, health and family) to give them the necessary tools for integrating into society as leaders and agents of change.

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Enrolment profile

  • Low Income.
  • 9-15 years of age.
  • Lagging education.
  • Desire to excel.
  • Voluntary enrolment.
  • Have a Guardian.

Educational Areas

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Educational Training

  • Daily primary and high school classes.
  • Certified studies.
  • Personalized service.
  • Recreational and creative classes.
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Humanized Education

  • Motivational education campaigns.
  • Education in Values.
  • Creation of habits.
  • Individual and group psychological therapy.
  • Jiu Jitsu classes.
  • School for parents.
  • Cultural activities.
  • Birthday celebrations.
  • Nutritional breakfasts.
  • Encouragement of Healthy Coexistence through regular attendance.
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Spiritual education

  • Daily morning prayer.
  • Angelus Prayer.
  • Catechism: preparing for sacraments and Christian education.
  • Eucharistic Celebration.