About Us


Contribute to the overall development of children and adolescents in vulnerable situations who have educational, psychological, and health needs in order to encourage their personal, family and social growth.


To be a leading institution that is recognized at the regional, national, and international levels, that aids the overall development of needy children and adolescents by offering them solutions through educational and health programs in marginal areas, and by working with professionalism, humanity, and excellence.


The values listed below are fundamental because they give meaning to our institution’s existence and the tasks at hand.
We keep these values in mind during our day-to-day activities.

  • Harmony


    In life, we seek to encourage an atmosphere of happiness, love, friendship and peace; that is, a healthy coexistence where we can grow and develop as people in all of our (biopsychosocial) facets.
  • Respect


    Acknowledging someone else as a person with human dignity, just like me. This inspires us to treat others the way we would like to be treated.
  • Solidarity


    Sharing ourselves with the people around us. By acknowledging others and their dignity, we commit to our own wellbeing and that of others in a fraternal relationship of mutual cooperation.
  • Shoring tolerance towards diversity

    Shoring tolerance towards diversity

    We accept others. We congratulate ourselves for the differences among those around us. We acknowledge that each human being is unique and we believe that unity can be achieved through diversity.
  • Work


    We believe that our perseverance and effort in our day-to-day work builds a more fraternal society. This is why we hope to give the best of ourselves every day, by doing our work with love and with the best possible quality.
  • Gratitude


    We believe life is a generous gift we have received and share with others. We acknowledge this gift by being thankful for the generosity of others and by being generous ourselves.

The Theory of Change


Children and adolescents in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone who are in a vulnerable economic, educational, family, or emotional situation are at greater risk of ending up on the street.


Vulnerable situation or psychosocial risk, homelessness risk, poverty, school desertion risk, educational lagging, single mom families, comprehensive development and care, and psychosocial risk prevention.


Don Bosco Preventative System, Positive Discipline, Rights Approach and Gender Approach, Strengths-based Approach, Life Skills Approach.


NAEA Comprehensive Prevention Model: Human Dimension, Educational Dimension, Spiritual Dimension, and Values.


Comprehensive Development Center, Harmony Home Boarding House, Messengers of Hope Training Center, Families in Harmony.


Children, adolescents, and youths stay in school; Children who have caught up and passed a school level, depending on how far behind they are; Children and Adolescents who have improved overall development within their own homes; Youths with finished studies at a higher level who are prepared for independent life.

Children receive improved quality of life, children and adolescents in school and with lower homelessness risk, families improve their level of life, families live in harmony and are committed to their parental roles.

Our History

  • 2006

    CEDEF (Family Development Center) opened to care for children and adolescents.
  • 2007

    We established the Civil Association.

    CENDI (Comprehensive Development Center) program was created with a focus on children and adolescents who had fallen behind at school.


    School Kitchen to offer healthy breakfasts to beneficiaries.

    IJAS (Social Assistance Institute) presents Niños y Adolescentes en Armonía, A.C. with an award.
  • 2008

    Became an affiliate of Corporativa de Fundaciones, A.C.

    Became an affiliate of Fundación Dr. Simi.
    Became an affiliate member of RED de la Niñez y la Adolescencia en Jalisco (Jalisco Childhood and Adolescence Network)


    We became a BRED beneficiary association.

    Projects funded by SEDESOL:

    “Effective education for children and adolescents without opportunities”
    “Nourishing and teaching nutrition to children and adolescents for their overall development”
  • 2009

    “Strengthening Institutions” taught by Corporativa de Fundaciones, A.C.

    Affiliate of Amigas de Quiera.


    CONTIGO infomercial through IJAS.

    Affiliation with YAP (Youth Action for Peace) Foreign exchange in Germany.
  • 2010

    School desertion prevention program: psycho-pedagogic workshop for 150 children and adolescents in social co-investment.

    Vive 2010 award from the Ministry of Human Development.


    CONTIGO infomercial through IJAS.

    Affiliation with YAP (Youth Action for Peace) Foreign exchange in Germany.
  • 2011

    NAEA, A.C. intervention model for the Spiritual Dimension used by Agnus Dei Missionaries.

    Creation of the psycho-pedagogical department.
    AISEC Foundation collaboration agreement to receive an overseas volunteer.
  • 2012

    1st place in Unidos por Ayudar (United to Help)

    35 beneficiaries graduated from the program.
    80% ongoing attendance rate of beneficiaries in the project.


    1st place in Unidos por Ayudar (United to Help)

    95% participation by beneficiaries’ parents.

    Nutrition workshops for beneficiaries.

    100% continuity of operational staff in the project.
  • 2013

    Participation in the philanthropy evaluation project to strengthen institutions through the Quiera Foundation.

    90% ongoing attendance rate of beneficiaries in the project.


    Projects funded through the Quiera Foundation: Education, Mental Health, and institutional strengthening.

    4 International Volunteers from France and the United States.
  • 2014

    Harmony Homes project started through the CENDI program with needs for personalized care.


    Santander Bank, through a trust for Mexican children funded a project managed by Families.

    International and national volunteers.

    HP updated our website.

    Our procedure manuals were created.
  • 2015

    Casa NAEA Central Facility: adequate and spacious areas to expand our 3 care programs for our beneficiaries.


    Fundación Banamex through the "Sembrando Esperanzas" call benefits an Impact project.

    Entrance to University of three beneficiaries of the "Messengers of Hope" program.

    Secretary of Social Development Benefits 2 Projects "Nutrition, Sports and Psychological Care" through its call.
  • 2016

    Niños y Adolescentes en Armonía, A.C. implements the Full Time Program to fulfill the Harmony Homes program needs.


    10 beneficiaries from the CENDI program receive their Primary School certificates.

    The marketing division was created.

    45 beneficiaries receive their sacraments.

    COMEX sponsors the maintenance of paintwork and plumbing at CASA NAEA, A.C. through the Educa Foundation.

    Beneficiaries of the Messengers of Hope program receive educational half-scholarships for junior and senior high school, and university.

    14th October: Niños y Adolescentes en Armonía, A.C.’s 10th Anniversary

    A Nissan van was acquired to transport beneficiaries.

    The Donate Your Clothes Project to benefit Niños y Adolescentes en Armonía, A.C. was run.

    Quiera Foundation visits the President of the Board.

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